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App puts farm in phone

A FARM management app that hit the market in December is set to revolutionise record keeping and make the old stock book redundant.

Two Australian farmers have developed F-Track and F-Track Live: two nifty apps that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad to records stock, crops, tasks and reference information in real time.

New South Wales farmer Jock Graham and Queensland web developer and farmer William Harrington are the masterminds behind the technology.

Graham said he had begun searching iTunes for an easy to use farmbook app in April last year, but soon realised there was no such thing on the market. 

After consulting Harrington and a small group of progressive farmers around NSW, he made the decision to develop the technology himself.

Graham and Harrington developed F-Track Live, a complete on-the-go farm management app that lets multiple users record and access all their farm information live, wherever they want.

F-Track Live is linked to a web portal for individual and group farm management.
Through synchronisation with an online server all data entered is constantly updated and when out of range, data is stored locally and updated when possible. 

According to Graham, while this app can be used by individual farmers it is perfect for farms with multiple users, with all managers and staff able to input data.

The livestock manager can track all animal enterprises, recording movements, treatments, events, purchases and sales, while the silo manager can input on/off farm grain information, quality, type and location.

Graham said livestock can tracked as mobs or groups which create a fully traceable history to any paddock, treatment or event that they have incurred over their life on the farm. 

With F-Track Live growers can track spraying, sowing, tillage, spreading, harvesting and record all relevant data specific to these events and provide them in a summary and detailed form.

The app also contains a task management feature; paddock mapping and tracking function; fuel inventory feature; remote monitoring systems to view tank monitors, cameras and weather stations; and a fully integrated chemical inventory system to record and track chemical use with every application.

F-Track is the standalone version which has all the functions of the F-Track Live app except that the information is only stored on the phone and data can’t be shared with other phones.

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