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Our signature blend. The uPRO product range has been scientifically formulated to enhance the stability and increase the slow release properties of urea as a water-soluble feed additive. u PRO is the most cost-effective method to supplement ruminant microflora with nonprotein nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. To be used through Direct Injection Technologies Water Supplementing Dispensers - the NUTRIDOSE or the NUTRIPRO.

To work out which supplement is right for your herd, talk to our sales team who will work with you to choose the right dispenser or we can customise any system to suit your specific needs.


A specially designed blend containing glucose, electrolytes and trace elements to assist with and prevent dehydration in cattle, sheep and goats during times of stress such as weaning, yarding, transport and induction. u Calm can be measured and poured directly into drinking troughs, or proportionally dosed through Direct Injection Technologies' MEDIPRO or PROMATIC dispensing units.


uTRACE is a water-soluble formulation containing all the major trace elements required by cattle, sheep  and goats. It is designed to supplement pasture intakes and can be also used to provide the complete requirements for your herd. To be used through Direct Injection Technologies' Water Dispensing systems - the NutriDose or NutriPro


A 100% safe Urea formula without the risk of Urea toxicity. With phosphorus deficiency being prevalent throughout much of Australia, u PHOS provides a rapidly soluble source of 100% available phosphorus and slow release form of urea to ruminant microflora through water medication. To be used through Direct Injection Technologies' Water Dispensers - the NutriPro and the NutriDose.

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