• Direct Injection Technologies' Dispensing Units

Direct Injection Technologies' Dispensing Units



No matter the application, Direct Injection Technologies’ dispensing units have been designed to maximise the effectiveness of proportionally dosing animal health additives and supplements into livestock drinking water.

Direct Injection Technologies' water supplementation dispensers each contain many unique features designed to suit the broadest range of applications.

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The nutridose is the safest water supplementing system available designed specifically to feed urea-based products such as uPro into livestock drinking water.


The NutriPro is the hybrid unit that combes the superior safety of the Nutridose with the precise dosing accuracy of the Promatic. The NutriPro is the most sophisticated water supplement dispensing unit available on the market.


The Promatic is a simple water medicating system designed to supplement pastures with a wide range of liquid additives to livestock drinking water.


A purpose built proportional dosing system designed specifically for Intensive Livestock Industries.

To work out which system is right for your herd, talk to our sales team who will work with you to choose the right dispenser or we can customise any system to suit your specific needs.

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