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Important uSee Maintenance Tips

Here are a few tips on looking after your Camera or Tank Sensor to ensure your unit is working to its full capacity and you are getting the most out of its features.

Important General Maintenance

- Make sure your solar panel is clean, so it can fully charge the battery.

- Check the external cables and make sure they don’t have any visible damage or chew marks from birds.

- Ensure your unit is secure and won’t move in any possible wild weather.

- Make sure your solar panel is facing North.

- If your battery hasn’t been replaced for over a year, now is the time to order a spare so you are prepared in case it goes flat.

Camera Maintenance

- Clean the camera front so your image is clear.

- Unscrew the front off your camera to check the inside doesn’t have ants or spiders in it.

- While you have the front off, check the plugs and cables are plugged in properly and not loose.

Tank Sensor Maintenance

- Check the sensor that’s inside the tank as sometimes spiders can build webs there

- If you have a rain gauge give it a clean so that the readings are correct.

- If you haven’t already, consider putting silastic around the tank sensor so it doesn’t more or get blown off and damaged.