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National ATV Safety Conference – 30 & 31 March 2017

Director William Harrington will be attending the 2017 National ATV Safety Conference in Cairns with the aim to learn more about safety for ATVs and take from it ways to improve our Quad Bike GPS Tracker and Rollover Alarm.

The aim of the 2017 National ATV Safety Conference is to raise awareness of ATV safety and bring together all stakeholders from end users, industry groups, regulators, ATV trainers, Manufacturers and Government Department heads in the interest of discussing the following topics:

  • Quad bike safety awareness
  • Vet sector training improvement requirements
  • Available safety products
  • On Farm safety standards
  • Definition of ATV related legislation
  • Helmet regulation and available safety products
  • Importance of ‘Active riding style’

This forum is aimed at improving Quad bike safety in Australia. Over two days there will be presentations from experts relating to the Quad Bike industry and displays of current Quad Bike related safety products and systems.

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