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Quad rollover alarm will save lives

Thank you to the North Queensland Register for this article that appeared recently about uSee's GPS Tracker and Rollover Alarm.


With Queensland’s 69th quad bike fatality in the last 15 years occurring recently it’s becoming increasingly crucial that in the event of an accident measures are in place to reduce the risk of serious injury or death.

It was with this in mind the William Harrington and the team at Harrington Systems Electronics situated in Richmond have designed a GPS tracker and rollover alarm that was shown in action to visitors at the Northern Beef Producers Expo held in Charters Towers.

Business spokesperson Tamara Vitalijch explained how the existing uSee remote camera monitoring camera system developed by Mr Harrington has been modified for use in the ATV and wider automotive industry.

“The uSee GPS tracker and rollover alarm is a small unit that uses GPS and accelerometre technology to track the movement and orientation of a vehicle or other machinery such as quads and tractors,” Ms Vitalijch said.

“The location and position of the unit is immediately uploaded to the uSee cloud using the mobile phone network allowing the riders location to be tracked using the uSee website or app,” she said.

“Notifications are available by email and/or SMS to let you know if the unit has rolled over, which is triggered by a mercury switch in the alarm system.

“The sensitivity of the mercury switch can also be adjusted to cater for differing terrain.”

Ms Vitalijch said the system was created specifically with the safety of children and staff members working on rural and remote properties in mind where response time to a crash can be the difference between life and death.

“It’s illegal to not have a safety alert system in every other state except Queensland now, and while the state will soon enforce the practice this product will hopefully help reduce the amount of serious injuries and fatalities that are occurring.”

 Matt Sherrington March 11, 2016, 11:30 a.m.