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U see the wet season!

The last few years have been incredibly tough on many north-western communities. Dams have dried up and paddocks have turned to dust, but today we are hopeful. The rains are finally here!

Over the past couple of weeks, the news and social media have been platforms dedicated to sharing the long awaited wet season. Photos of green grass and videos of people celebrating have made an exciting comeback. The hope that the photos and stories are bringing is something that many drought stricken communities are hanging on to, because hope is a valuable thing.

One thing you can count on in any wet season is the running of creeks and rivers. If you’re like us, then you’ll probably have fond memories of paddling in the water and slipping around in the mud. It can be tonnes of fun to watch as the water rises and falls and rises again with the rain. Sometimes however, you need to keep an eye on the crossings to see whether you can get across. This is when our uSee remote monitoring cameras have been coming in handy!

Several shires in north-west Queensland have installed our cameras at various crossings along the roads and highways. The uSee cameras have aided in determining whether or not the roads can remain open as rain keeps on coming. Several councils have uSee cameras set up to monitor the state of the creek and river crossings. This allows residents, travellers and anyone with an interest to view the photos which are uploaded automatically from the uSee website to the respective council websites under “road conditions”.

It has been amazing to see creeks and rivers that haven’t had a good run in them for years actually flowing. Admittedly, all this rain is just a start; but we’ve got to start somewhere. Send ‘er down Hughie!